Able to learn the basis of “Toyota Production System(TPS)”
which is used for manufacturing all over the world including Toyota Motor Corporation

We are working for an organizational group.
Do you have any dream for your future life?
Do you satisfy your job with rewarding?
「We’ve got a high goal.」
「I’ve got done it together with teammates.」 
「I’ve got people recognition for my work.」
「I’ve done a Kaizen for work easily.」
「I have got to get it through my head what I didn’t know.」
You will get confidence in TPS-ability with practical Kaizen training.
You will get improvement in Kaizen training with little challenge.
The ability (TPs ability) to learn and improve through work and experiential education increases,
And human beings grow.
TPS is a challenge to overcome a bit of difficulty, to increase the ability to feel fulfilled
And to improve the abilities and capabilities of individuals and organizations
TPS ability= Ability X Personality x emotion
Ability of work (TPs ability)
= Ability X Personality x synchronization (willingness, ambition, passion, research, persuasive…)
TPS/TMS gives you to challenge in TPS/TS knowledges.
You get evaluate yourself in the TPS test.
You start 4th grade then you challenge upper grade as 3rd and 2nd.
You should get Kaizen skill as well as ability of management
TPS certificate gives you to have higher kaizen ability for contribution society


  • Office

    5-45-1 Nagato-cho Showa-ku NAGOYA 466-0848
    TEL 052-842-2082 FAX 052-842-2083
  • Representative

    The president   Toshio HORIKIRI
    The vice-president   Tetsuo ARIKAWA (TPS Certificate)
    The vice-president   Yasuhito MATSUDAIRA (TMS Certificate)
  • Founded

    October 30th, 2009
  • Business Contents

    We study and develop Toyota Production System (hereinafter referred as ‘TPS’) and develop
    human resources through propagating TPS and TMS, and we aim to contribute to human
    resource development through propagating advancement of science technology especially
    quality preservation, motivating workers and developing potential abilities. We perform
    following business for obtain our goal of preceding article.

    1)Research and study on TPS / TMS
    2)Education-related business TPS / TMS
    3)TPS skill assessment business TPS / TMS
    4)Publication of books about TPS / TMS
    5)Development and sales of TPS / TMS tools
    6)All businesses concerning the above

    ※The businesses are implemented as follows.
    ・Operation in manufacturing dept. ・・・・ TPS certificate
    ・Operation in indirect dept. ・・・・ TMS certificate

TPS Certificate Institution

5-45-1Nagato-cho Showa-ku Nagoya, Aichi, Japan 466-0848

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