Challenge the ocean of life with the right chart and compass

We work for a group of the organization, spending most the lifetime.
Have you the purpose of your life or your future dream?
Do you feel your work is challenging? Are you satisfied with it?

You will find happiness in your work,
when you achieve a high aim,
when you achieve it by cooperating with your team,
when the result of your work is highly evaluated,
when you improve the present condition,
and when you widen your knowledge.

People can develop by increasing the work ability (TPS ability)
through the practice of experience-type-education, and Kaizen improvement.

work ability (TPS ability)=ability x personality x motivation (eagerness, spirit of self-advancement, enthusiasm, creativity)

From these points of view, TPS Certificate Institute measures your TPS (TMS) ability.
Why don't you evaluate your work ability by TPS (TMS) Certificate?
Beginning with the grade-4, you can take the higher grades according to your improvement.

To master the management ability (Kaizen ability) is essential, as well as to obtain the right chart with you to go for a voyage.
The goal of TPS Certificate Institute is to contribute to the society by bringing up people with high Kaizen ability for your company to remain competitive in this world of globalization.

outline TPS(Toyota Production System):
The Total TPS that improved the conventional TPS, including the Quality (the own process conclusion),
the Visual Management (management) . An index that can be a chart of your life.
There are two kinds of certificates for personal and for tcompany (or factory)
TMS(Total Management System):
The management system rebuilt for white-collars and managers.
contents 1.TPS
2.Quality (the own process conclusion)
3.Visual Management (management)
2.Visual Management (management)
3.Quality (the own process conclusion)
type of industry manufacturer, constructor, transportation communication business, retailer, service trade, print/editing business. In addition to the left, IT-related industry, finance/insurance, other types of industry, etc.
type of job manager engaged in manufacturing, mechanic chief, management director, business person in charge, worker manager, development designer, technical person, office worker, sales business person